Representing States & Spaces, CCN2019 Tutorial by Kim & Tim

Tim Behrens and I put together a CCN 2019 Tutorial on “Representing States and Spaces.” It was a blast: a whirlwind of RL, hippocampal/entorhinal data, philosophizing about representation learning theories, predictive representations, dimensionality reduction, generative models, factorization theories, and a four-way fight for the soul of Psychology (Thorndike / Skinner / Tolman / Harlow). Thanks to all who made it through the FOUR AND A HALF HOUR journey.

Slides are linked here: stachenfeld_behrens_ccn_tutorial_13sep2019
If you notice anything missing or incorrect, please message (email = stachenfeld[at]google[dot]com).

Some informal but very nice notes from the session were posted by Rob Gulli ( here:

A Jupyter notebook with code for trying some of this stuff out is available on the github page for Dartmouth’s MIND 2019 Summer School from my lab there:
While you’re there, check out some of the other resources available on the page too! Lots of stuff for people interested in cognitive maps.


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